Our 2021: a rollercoaster of a year 🎢

Our 2021: a rollercoaster of a year 🎢

This past year has been a rollercoaster to say the least.  Ups and downs, twists and turns and no lack of excitement to come.

Broken down by category — here's a quick recap.


We got hitched, IRL at the Brooklyn Cyclones ballpark in August alongside friends, family and fellow loved ones.

Our bar trivia team, Vax the Rich made it to the NYC Trivia League playoffs, just missing the top 20 spot.  We ranked 24th in 681 teams in NYC.

We moved from Bushwick to Greenpoint — and fell in love with the neighborhood, and have a home office now!

Erin started a new job which she loves working as a community advocate for Orbit.

Joe got a raise + recognition for his work at 72 point — even earning an award for best customer service.

Erin got back into endurance sports and completed a 10K.

Grill dad shenanigans commenced — both Joe and Erin enjoyed spending much time this past summer grilling.

Erin got into standup comedy — Joe promised to laugh at all her jokes.


Both of us caught Covid :/

Our fur child, Moose, crossed the rainbow bridge and passed away this summer. 💔

We're still in a f$ck!ng pandemic!

Things we're looking forward to

Erin will be working a few hours a week at NYU helping out the Studio 20 program from which she graduated.

Joe is looking forward to career growth and stepping into more of a leadership role at his work.

Hopefully traveling more — pandemic providing! 🤞🏻

Continuing to explore NYC more and enjoy where we live.

Birthdays! Have we mentioned we're both big fans of birthdays?

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