It's been a while!

You ever just have that span of months that seem to have flown by, so crammed full of activities and life happenings that it feels like 10 years have been shoved in six months that felt like six minutes?

Well, since March 2022, that's been our lives. Here's a brief catch-up from April to now, with all the major life updates and a look at what's ahead.


April gave us a relaxed spring — milo soaked up the sun, Erin ran a half marathon, and we went to see Big Thief play at the Kings Theatre.


The first glimmers of summer weather gave us a spectacular May. Erin's parents came to town, so the four of us in total played tourist for a few days. And after a year-long delay thanks to Covid, Erin was finally able to walk across the stage at Yankee Stadium and collect her Master's diploma. A couple of baseball games, adventures in old trains, and al fresco date nights made the month that much better.


June started relaxed and kicked off a summer full of action — both good and bad. Fancy brunches, gallery exhibits, and a very immersive Westworld pop-up. Later in the month, Erin headed to Portugal for a work retreat and had a blast dancing the night away. Meanwhile, Milo and I had a boy's week.


For the most part, the month in the dead of summer was dominated by my birthday trip:  Washington, D.C. A place I'd never been to but always wanted to go, Erin and I took a weekend trip to the Capitol to museum hop, eat, drink, and enjoy ourselves.


August was full of joys and heartaches. We traveled to Salt Lake City to see one of Erin's best friends get married, visited a trailer park bar, and went to a second wedding for a friend — this time in Reno, NV.

But for all the good that happened in the month, August was definitely a challenge. After 14 wonderful years living and eight years with us, Milo passed the rainbow bridge to join his brother Moose. It was an incredibly hard loss for us both, and especially for Erin, who looked at Milo as a friend and equal more than just a cat. He was truly one of a kind.


The end of summer and the beginning of fall gave us more travel adventures to talk about and added a few stamps to our passports. Erin traveled to Romania for the international How To Web conference, giving a spectacular keynote speech. She also traveled the country, making a stop in Transylvania to see the castle that inspired Bram Stroker's Dracula.

Immediately following her trip, we rendezvous in England, treating ourselves to a much-deserved and belated Honeymoon. Yes, folks, you heard that right! Two years after being married at the height of the pandemic, traveling was finally manageable to the point of letting us go on our Honeymoon. We spent a couple of days taking in the sights and food of Bristol, visited the hot springs of the Roman Baths in Bath (and drank the bath water), and then played tourist in London.

Needless to say, we ended a summer full of travel on a high note, reminding ourselves the joys of being together.


And it all brings us to October. Another exciting month of change for us both — we adopted Q! Having pets in the home has always been important to us both. The place just seemed too quiet and empty without a ball of fur rolling around. So when we caught wind that Waldo's Rescue was having a meet-n-greet in Central Park, we had to go.

That's when we met this six-month-old, pitbull/boston terrier mix pup. Already socialized and housebroken, Q has brought a shine of joy to our home. He's smart, stubborn in the colder fall weather, and tooty. But we love him very much.

That's it for life updates! And with November nearly over, you can expect another life update from the Staples family very soon.

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