Happy New Year and Other Things!

Happy New Year and Other Things!

The start of 2022 was a quiet one. Either we're boring or we're starting to age-out of the partying-all-night-long scene.

Smile, professor!

Erin is a gal of many talents. One of them is balancing all of her other talents. Which means Janurary was a month of professional growth for her. Not only did she set her sights on a new opportunity at work in the form of a potential promotion, but she also decided to dip her toes back into academa by becoming an adjunct professor at NYU's Studio 20 β€” the same school she graduated from with her Master's degree.

The rest of Janurary consisted of a bunch of mini adventures:

After coming down with Omnicron in mid-December, we decided it was finally time to leave the confines of our apartment and began venturing out to some of our favorite places again, including the Brooklyn Museum of Art. There, we saw the Christian Dior exhibit, showcasing the fashion house's history and evolution.

Steak, eggs, cheese, and a bready boat of goodness

One of our favorite places to eat in Brooklyn is a little Georgian cafe called Cheeseboat. Their name is apt, as it matches their signature dishes: cheeseboat. Wanting a new challenge, we tried replicating Cheeseboat cheeseboats at home and it was a smashing, delcious success.

New York was ham-blasted with its first Noreaster storm of the year and it was a doozy! After a relatively dry first half of the winter season, we got over two feet of snow in a 24 hour period. Needless to say, we didn't step foot out of the apartment for the following couple of days. Of course, ConEd reminded us of this fact.

Noreaster B&E (feat. Meeko) (Taylor's Edition)

Nothing said New Years quite like a little bit of B&E! After our friend was rushed to the ER with apendicitis, he needed a couple of friends to go check on his dog. We volunteered to help, knowing all about how much apendicitis sucks. The challenge: everything was locked and it was right after the Noreaster. He carefully instructed us how to get into his apartment, which involved texting a neighbor, getting into the basement, crawling up to the backyard from the basement, digging out from two feet of snow, opening the bathroom window, clearing the window sill, climbing in, and then struggling to get the back door open. But we made it. Fed the pup. Left Gas-X. All was well.

That's it for Janurary! On towards a month of planning, snacking, teaching, learning and more.

– J & E

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