February Freeze and Fun

February Freeze and Fun
Photo taken literally 25 seconds before diving into Sicilian food on Valentine's Day.

Where January was snowy, February was freezing! People like to say New York is magical during winter, but really the "magic" moments exist around the two weeks pre-December 25th. The rest is bitter, wet, muddy, and windy.

Still, we found some fun things to do.

The famous pink hair returns! After a couple years of shaggy cuts and mostly-natural hair color, Erin returned to a bright pink/orange/red pixie. We love a good, colorful hairdo.

Milo celebrated Valentine's Day with three packs of his favorite treats and a note from his parents. However, he was a jerk and didn't get his parents anything for Valentine's. But we'll keep him anyway. Meanwhile, Erin and Joe celebrated with a favorite treat of their own: a long-waited return to Concrete, a personal favorite Sicilian joint in Bushwick.

Since moving to NYC in 2019, seeing David Byrne live has been on our bucket list. We finally got around to making that happen, watching the 69-year old legend dance barefoot on a stage, playing some Talking Heads classics, some stuff he did with St. Vincent, and of course — originals from his American Utopia album and book. It was surreal to watch.

A growing rarity in NYC is finding a good bar to work from. In order to meet the standard, a good work-bar needs to have the following:

  • strong Wi-Fi
  • good beer
  • non-pretentious bartender and patrons
  • coffee
  • food
  • abundant chargers

Since we moved to Greenpoint, we thought we had found that bar — until we were told one night that they banned laptops past 5 PM. Fair enough, we thought. We'll continue to drink here, but just won't work from here. But losing a work-bar meant that we suddenly needed to find a new one. That need was met by Ebbs, which checked off all the boxes. For friends in town, we highly recommend it.

Milo and his new sublet. Still refuses to pay rent.

Milo found a bag. 'Nuff said.

Obviously, that's not all that happened in February. While this blog is meant to highlight the things going on in our personal lives, it's inescapable to not mention the invasion of Russia into Ukraine. It's heartbreaking to see. And it is our hope that everyone in eastern Europe — along with anyone who knows anyone in eastern Europe — stays safe.

Слава Україні!

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