Who are the Staples?

We're writers and tech nerds, mostly. Why else would we start a family blog?

Erin and Joe Staples are late 20-somethings living in a polish neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY with their 13-year old cat, Milo.

Erin works in a tech startup and Joe works for a news company.

Between the two of them is a plethora of things to say and things to share. And that's why we've started this blog. For family, it gives you a look into our lives as they ever-continue to unfold. For friends, it gives you a look into what antics we get up to when we're not looking for a new bar or brunch spot to scope out.

For strangers, it's great stalking material. But good luck getting to the site without a password.

While posts will oftentimes be infrequent and unscheduled, each one will give you as the reader an insight into what we've been up to — the good, the bad, the fun, the not-so-fun, and more likely than not: recipes.

On top of everything, we hope you enjoy what you find here.


Joe and Erin Staples (and milo cat)

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